Thursday, August 11, 2005

i remember seeing you, sitting there on the other side of the room, that grin on your face, when you caught me and never let go. the truth was that i had to swim through a sea of people to get to you, but you made me feel like we were the only two people in a mad, mad world that night.

i remember the morning after, and i remember the way you smell. i'll always remember the way you's like your fingerprints all over me, i could pick you out of a crowded room if you gave me nothing but a nose to press against everyones skin (not that i'd want to, but i would have. for you). i remember how your hair would come down in strands in front of your eyes, and you'd shake your head to make it swing back and away.

i remember the night we sat out and watched the moon rise. i remember leaning my head backwards and thinking of nothing at all but how warm your lap felt, how soft your hands were against my face. i remember the sunrise, the saturdays, the moonshine and the good days.

i remember the late nights and the cigarettes, the long talks and the pointlessness, i remember walking down the road to nowhere with your hand in mine, and neither of us wanted to go anywhere else. i remember kneeling down on my knees and just sitting there, and i remember the look on your face when you told me i should be in the movies.

i remember dying, lying flat on my back, listening to the grass grow around me, and i remember the day the world came to a standstill in between dancing spots of dust in the wind. i remember the taste of your skin the day you taught me how to breathe, and i remember the touch of your fingers against my face when you taught me how to sing.

i remember how graceful your step was, how beautiful your smile was, how telling your eyes were, the day you said you had to fly.