Monday, September 04, 2006

i dare you to look out of your window and see something beautiful. they promised you the rain, the power (in your small hands) to change the world, if you just watch and wait, and take over when you hear your beat (getting faster). but that never happened, did it? they never did whisper the last bit into your ear, about how whenever a generation makes a promise, whenever a collective gets together to tell a someone a truth, it's inevitably a lie - because there is no collective truth, morals and no soul to sink into. there is only the you and i. and when you kill someone, there is no judge and jury, no god in heaven and no devil in hell - there is just you and a corpse.
because whenever you see a them, they're never actually looking at you - they're looking at each other, because someone is bound to be somebody. but there're so many thems, so few somebody's, in a world where we don't rise, listen, see, hear, speak, taste, feel.
do you think love is just an emotion in your mind? do you think that joy doesn't have a taste, that hatred doesn't smell of something? if for one moment in your life you can say that your skin didn't define your boundaries, that you were able to fly, would that be enough? no - it is not enough to just live. because life is significant, every action is a war, and everything has a side. it is not enough to simply go - you've got to take it've got to fly, every moment. you've got to sink, let the mud ooze between your toes, let it choke you, let it fill your nostrils, let the stench of it drive you mad - because that's as significant as the wind, as the sea, as the birds, mountains, oceans and the sky.

i dare you. to look out your window and taste something beautiful.